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Military Goggles Manufacturer

Our tactical goggles are designed to offer your eyes total comfort and safety during high-risk environments.Perfect for army and police use, our goggles are perfect for any application.



Military Goggles

Type Of Military Goggles

We strive to be your one-stop-shop military goggles manufacture.As such,we increase our efforts in product research and development to improve the quality of our military goggles.

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    Customized Tactiacl Goggles

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    The Part Of Tactical Goggle

    Our tactical goggles frame is composed of a tpu frame and a pc frame.The materials are flexible,durable and comfortable.


    Tpu frame is with excellent flexible performance.The frame is designed to be fit the shape of the face,soft material is worn to make the face more comfortable.


    Military goggles lens is designed to protect your eye from light.The coating of lens prevent scratching to ensure clear vision and provide visual clarity.

    Nose Pad

    Military glasses are made of rubber. This material can prevent the eyes from pressed directly on the nose and make users feel comfortable.


    The military goggle straps is made of durable non-slip fabric ,it close distance from the eye to the goggles lens,which ensured a wide field of vision.

    Type Of Military Goggles

    According to different needs and functions, military goggles are divided into the following four categories.

    Application of Our Tactical Goggles

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    FAQ about Our Military Goggles

    A: Military goggles are used to protect the wearer’s eyes from debris, harsh weather conditions, and harmful UV rays. They are designed to provide clear vision and safety in combat and training situations.

    A: Our military goggles are certified to meet MIL-PRF-32432 standards for ballistic eyewear.

    A: Military goggles are specifically designed to provide protection to the eyes of soldiers in combat situations. They offer protection from projectiles, debris, and harmful elements while also providing enhanced visibility in low light or harsh conditions.

    A: Military goggles are built to meet stringent military specifications, including ballistic protection and resistance to impact and shattering. They often include features like night vision capabilities, anti-fog coatings, and compatibility with helmets.

    A: Yes, military goggles often come with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, UV protection, and impact resistance to enhance visibility and durability.


    Absolutely! We provide custom logo printing services to personalize your goggles with your own design.

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