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Sport Sunglasses

Types Of Sports Sunglasses

In addition to the role common to sports glasses, cycling glasses also have the role of blocking UV radiation. Wide array of eyewear types tailored to different needs and environments.

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    Customizable Sport Sunglasses

    We can custom sport sunglasses for different age group,different genders.Sent your logo by pdf we will sent the mockup for your reference. Even if you can not find what you want,please contact us.

    Use Eco-friendly Design

    Sport sunglasses use different lenses, TR90 frame and other materials to make it lighter and more suitable for exercise. All designs want customers to have a good experience.

    Nose Pad

    The adjustable nose pad is made of a comfortable rubber material that preventing the frame from resting directly on the nose.

    Light Weight Frame

    All frame are usually made of materials such as tr90 and pc.TR90 frame is one of the most comfortable material for you wear glasses.


    All lens are 100% uv400 protection.Our sport sunglasses elevate your visual precision by restoring the nature light,and protective your eye.


    The temples are parts that will secure the frame front and keep it on your ears.They can prevent the glasses from slipping at your exercise.

    Different Age Group Of Sport Sunglasses

    Different ages and gender have different needs for sports sunglasses. Based on this, we divide it into the following four categories.

    Application of Our Glasses

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    FAQ about Our Glasses

    A: Absolutely! We offer a wide range of lenses customized to suit your jogging needs. Whether it’s tinted lenses for outdoor activities or prescription lenses for vision correction, we can tailor the glasses to your specifications.
    A: Selecting the right frame is crucial for comfort and performance. Consider factors like durability, flexibility, and fit. We offer a variety of lightweight and sturdy frame options that can be personalized to match your style and sport requirements.
    A: Yes, absolutely! We offer anti-fog coatings for lenses to prevent fogging during intense workouts. Our custom snow goggles are designed to provide optimal visibility without fogging issues, ensuring you stay focused on your game.
    A: Yes, definitely! We offer custom youth sports glasses designed specifically for children, kids. Ensuring optimal eye protection and a comfortable fit, these glasses help children engage in sports with enhanced vision and reduced risk of injuries.
    A: Yes, you can personalize the color of the lenses to suit your preference. We offer a variety of lens tint options, allowing you to choose colors that enhance contrast, reduce glare, or provide specific benefits for your sporting activity.

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    Customize your own brand of high-quality sport sunglasses wholesale and elevate your cycling game like never before.