What is the sunglasses function?



What is the sunglasses function?

By wearing sunglasses that effectively block UVA and UVB rays, you can minimize eye burn and reduce the likelihood of eye-related diseases. The damage from burns accumulates over time, so continued use of sunglass protection will help improve long-term eye health.

1. Anti-ultraviolet rays

Sunglasses can block the entry of ultraviolet rays, reduce the exposure of the eyes to ultraviolet rays, and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

2. Anti glare

The lenses of sunglasses can filter out the glare of sunlight, reduce the interference of glare on vision, and improve visual comfort.

3. Reduce eye fatigue

Sunglasses can reduce the adjustment burden on the eyes to strong sunlight, reducing eye fatigue and discomfort.

4. Improved visual clarity

Some specially designed sunglasses can improve visual clarity and improve the ability to distinguish fine details.


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