The 2024 somta best sports sunglasses collection is coming



The 2024 somta best sports sunglasses collection is coming

Somta Optical Factory Offer 4 models new patent design in your market, each with multiple color options and lens options

In August, we creat new own patent design sports sunglasses for men and women, it is best polarized sunglasses for fishing,  it is sports prescription sunglasses for cycling, running, baseball, tennis, and mountain biking

Sports prescription glasses for baseball

Somta is ceating four models. Each design will offer multiple colors and lens options. No matter which model you choose, the frame is made of high structural nylon and carbon fiber compound we call TR90 material. This is good for your cycling, because the cheap material can cause incredible damage to the eyes if you are ever in a crash. It is important to always ride with sunglasses that are designed for cycling.

For more than 10 years, Somta optical have focused on protecting your eyes for your daily life, offering high quality products with cutting-edge features. Each new product is designed for the best performance in terms of visibility, wear ability, and safety.

Protect Your Eyes

Good quality cycling glasses must windproof, and protect your eyes from sun rays and prevent soil particles,  tiny stones, inserts, and much more from entering the eyes. For this reason, Somta Optical lenses are made of highly resistant anti scratch polycarbonate material. 100% UV protection up to 400nm, safeguards the eyes and allow perfect visiblity. All sunglasses frame are made of fliexible TR90 frame material, its flexibilty and resistance make it one of safest materials for sporting use.

Sports Eyewear & Patent Design Sports Sunglasses

Sunglasses also have great aesthetic value and you need to feel good when wearing them. Somta optical offer fashion design ergonomic flow lines, performance, and technical details, without neglecting style. With vibrant colors and bright combinations, they are perfect for those who want to be unique and live their riding days with passion and enthusiasm.


UY057 is hot sales model with large high strength PC mono-lens that guarantees total protection from UV rays. It is high contrast vision and bright colors to identify every details from far away. dust-proof, windproof, the airflow system of the lens prevent fogging, UY057 is supplied with an additional clear lens for optimal vision in case of cloudy skies or low light. The full frame is made, like all sunglasses, in tr90. it is light, flesible and resistant for an ideal fit, comfort, and stability, even for prolonged periods.

UY057 is perfect both on the road, fishing, golf, mountain biking, running, baseball, mtb road cycling and on trails,  thanks to its amazing fitting, rubber nose-piece, and high-grip temple tips, allowing you to experience rides in total comfort and safety.

Frame: TR90 Full frame. Sofe rubber nose pad, high flexible rubber temples tips
Lens: Polycarbonate 100% UV400, cat 3 (15% transmittance) flash mirror coating/photochromic/polarized lens are available
Details: Anti impact, anti scratch, dust-proof, wind-proof, easy to exchange the lens

Accessories: Clear lens. Gray Polarized lens. Mirror coating lens, eva hard case, and cleaning cloth included

Fit for cycling, horse riding, road climbing, mountain climbing, driving, fishing, drifting, hiking, various sports occasions and outdoor sports


With its casual and vaguely retro inspiration, this new Rimless model has a smooth design particularly directed to the gravel world, even if suitable for every cycling category and discipline. The large oversize allows greater peripheral vision, acting as a real windshield to protect the eyes from sun, wind, dust, insects, and much more. While offering great stability thanks to the rubber nose piece and tips, it has a TR90 frame, lightweight, ultra-resistant, biologically compatible, and safe in contact with the skin, even for prolonged use. The airflow ventilation system allows air to circulate freely while preventing fogging of the lens.

Lens Function: Polarized lens will effectively filter harmful blue light, resist UV400, and make the field of vision clearer

Frame Function: The temple produced with TR90 material, matched with the non-slip temple tips, which enhances comfort and safety, and not easy to fall off when doing strenuous exercise

The printing technology for the frame and temples, can customized your own brand logo

Fully rubber nose pad can adjust the height of glasses and distance between glasses and face.

Rubber foot cover can adjust the tail of the foot to match different races, there are different facial features in our glasses it fit their face better

UY088 Strong Magnetic Rimless Mens Sports Sunglasses

UY088 combines an essential design with a contemporary style. magnet lens design, The bold design for total eye protection has a thin frame and is extremely light (just 26 g) but elastic and highly resistant. Wide-sized 100% UV protective lens in high-strength polycarbonate, with anti-scratch treatment and dark mirrored lens. The airflow system ensures perfect vision and ideal ventilation, reducing the formation of condensation and fogging. UY088 is completed with ajustable rubber nose pad for great adherence and ergonomic temples that offer maximum stability.

Frame: TR90 frame material. adjustable sofe rubber nose pad, high flexible rubber temples tips

Lens: Polycarbonate 100% UV400, cat 3 (15% transmittance) flash mirror coating/photochromic/polarized lens are available

Features: Strong magnet, quick replacele lens, three circular magnets attach to the frame and stick the lens firmly, the safety is enhanced by the secondary protection of the buckle, lenses don’t fall off easily

Usages: Cycling, horse riding, trail running, golf, fishing, rock climbing, baseball, tennis, cricket, mountain climbing, beach volleyball,  driving, fishing, drifting, hiking, various sports occasions and daily life.


UY081 magnet frame with oversize lens design always stay in place thanks for there magnetic front closure and adjustable nose pad, offering maximum comfort, and will more easy to exchange the lens, will more comfortable when doing sports

Polycarbonate Lenses

Lightweight and 100% UV400 Protected against ultraviolet rays

Long Life Polarized Lenses

Blocks reflections from wet surfaces and allows you to see clearly without any distractions when sun is reflected from water, snow, asphalt, etc

Water Proof 

Super-hydrophobic surfaces repel water without leaving marks or spots on the lenses allowing clear vision in any weather condition

Anti-Reflective Interior

Special anti-glare treatment removes reflections from the inside of the glasses which prevents sunlight from bouncing off the lenses and causing discomfort and poor visibility


High scratch resistance thanks to the premium hard coating treatment

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