Somta has accumulated valuable experience at every stage to ensure the best product quality and customer service.




Pre-production: communication and design

During this time, Somta designs and develops molds for components and products within agreed timeframes. Our expert team will consider all customer requirements and complete drawings within 1 hour and samples within 7 days.
1. Your Idea Design   2.2D drawing   3. 3D moulding   4. Comfirm the design

Lenses Production

In this process, high-end lenses such as photochromic lenses, Polycarbonate lenses and polarized lenses are produced, as well as smart lenses with multi-functions such as anti fog, uv400, windproof, dustproof.

1. Original lenses inspection  2. Lens cutting  3.Testing lenses   4.Logo Printing/laser

Frames Production

injected the frame according the moulding. During this process, frames are made with the raw materials on a mold that is loaded on the injection-molding equipment.    1.Frames injection  2.Polishing Glasses Frame  3. Color painting  4. Logo printing

Assembling And Packaging

Putting all the parts together, placing the lenses into the frame, Placing the lenses into the frame, and put the inspected sunglasses into the package
1. Assembling lens  2.Frame adjusting  3. Frame packing   4. Packing 

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