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Through our solutions, we are able to smoothly launch our customers’ new product lines. We will provide photography services if the client needs it, and help clients take good product pictures to make it easier for clients to expand their social media sales and leverage their influencer network to promote their products to a wider audience.



For Start Businesses

How to help our start-up glasses business

Helping new customers in Australia launch product lines and social media sales.
Our client was a new Australian company with a product line focused on cycling apparel, sold through social media channels. The company is run by two young partners, one of whom is a social media influencer with a large following. Customers are very meticulous and careful about every aspect of their product, especially considering this is a new product line.
As a new company, customers are very cautious about every aspect of their product line requirements. They need to provide samples for testing first, and at the same time conduct multiple rounds of discussions and confirmations on the color, packaging, material and other product details of the cycling glasses. Customers also need FDA and related test reports, and need to provide confirmation samples and related parameters before shipment.
We have provided samples and different packaging methods for customers’ reference many times, and provided relevant photos and sample details for customers to review. In order to reduce the time for customers to test samples, we provide professional drop ball test videos and related certificates. When customers encounter problems with payment, we Prioritize asking if you have encountered similar problems before and provide relevant solutions. At the same time, we provide a variety of payment methods and faster and more convenient transportation methods for customers to choose, allowing customers to receive goods for sale faster
I am really satisfied with this product. They are even better looking in person. Picture doesn’t do it justice. They are fashionable, light weight and there is a great colour selection.

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