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Through multiple rounds of communication, we overcame the challenges faced in the project. The final product is in compliance with the customer’s high quality standards. Customers are satisfied with product quality and delivery time, and we have established a stable long-term cooperative relationship



For Large Enterprise

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Cooperate with customers on military glasses bidding project
An Indian aerospace and defense manufacturing company approached our company. They need us to provide military glasses samples and related certificates for bidding projects.
Our customers have extensive experience and knowledge in the military eyewear industry, and especially have strict requirements for anti-mirror and anti-impact products. This requires multiple rounds of communication and related test reports to prove that the product can pass military standards. It took about 40 days to modify the mold and test samples, during which we maintained frequent communication with the customer.
We made many video calls, including visiting the factory, working closely with the customer team, and sending samples to customers for testing. If they did not meet the requirements, we modified the mold, changed materials, etc. to meet the customer’s anti-impact requirements. After the finished product was produced, Sent to laboratories for testing and inspection multiple times to ensure it meets customer specifications and quality standards.
It is one of the best suppliers with whom I have done business in my life, the attention and customer service is excellent, the commitment to the client is felt in the production process and delivery time. They are very responsible and highly recommended. Thank you very much to Alex Tong.

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