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By meeting our customers’ needs, we have developed new product lines and reached successful partnerships with well-known American sports brands.



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Develop a new product Mould for a well-known sports eyewear brand.

The customer is a well-known sports glasses brand in the United States. We are a long-term partner of our company. Due to the fierce competition among peers, this customer intends to develop new styles of cycling glasses and discuss cooperation matters.
The customer requested the creation of their specialized mold, which involved the following: A) Frames must be ergonomically correct. B) Cycling glasses must be able to quickly change lenses. C) The customer requested that the brand name be laser-engraved on the lens, the brand be embossed on the frame, and a set of five pairs of interchangeable lenses be provided. D)Customers demand lower prices and shorter delivery times.
Through team assistance and combined with past successful mold cases, we provide customers with useful 3D renderings. The R&D department’s recommendations were also considered to have yielded satisfactory results. After researching that our magnet lenses are a new direction for cycling glasses, we added magnet grooves to the frames to enable quick lens replacement in one second. To address price pressure, we offer different lens configurations for customers to choose from and convince them that we offer the best prices. The customer understood and compromised, choosing a different configuration. Through a series of communication and collaboration, we provided samples in advance for customers to confirm, and signed a confidentiality agreement to protect privacy.
The samples are approved, also products is in very good condition no problem whatsoever…We will be doing our business with Somta glasses for as long we our in business..

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