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Your reliable ski goggles manufacturers provide one-stop solutions.Different design for various age groups. Bring your vision to life with our ODM and OEM services. 



Ski Goggles

Type Of Ski Goggles

Your reliable custom ski goggles manufacturers,our snow goggles have the quality, durability, and value.

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    Customized Ski Goggles

    We can custom ski goggles for different age group,different genders.Sent your logo by pdf we will sent the mockup for your reference. Even if you can not find what you want,please contact us.

    The Details About Ski Goggles

    Our ski goggles frame is made of tpu frame.Ski goggles double lens is a pc lens and anti fog lens,provide safety and comfortable.


    Tpu frame provides superior comfort,this material has excellent flexibility and is uneasy to deform or break.


    Three layer foam is soft and breathable.The foam molded to wearer's face shapeprovide comfortable.

    Cylindrical Lens

    The most cylindrical lens goggles are designed to be close enough to your face ,making it comfortable and giving you the widest vision.

    Spherical Lens

    The spherical surface increases the distance between the lens and human eye,it can reduce glare to damage the eyes.

    Type Of Ski Goggles

    Depend on different types and gender’s need,different lens and frame color and frame shape would be chosen for different people.View more somta ski goggles meet your favorite it.

    Industry of Our Ski Goggles

    Your Reliable Ski Goggles Manufacturer

    FAQ about Our Glasses

    A: VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, which measures the amount of light that passes through the lens of the goggles. A lower VLT percentage means less light is transmitted, making the goggles darker for bright sunny days. Conversely, a higher VLT percentage means more light is transmitted, making the goggles suitable for overcast or low light conditions.

    A: Yes, many ski goggles come with interchangeable lenses that allow you to adjust the VLT percentage based on the weather conditions. This versatility makes it easy to switch between lenses for optimal performance in different lighting environments.

    A: Cylindrical goggles have a flat lens shape, while spherical goggles have a curved lens shape that mimics the natural curvature of the eye.

    A:When choosing ski goggles, consider factors such as lens type, fit, ventilation, and compatibility with your helmet. Make sure the goggles provide a comfortable and secure fit to prevent fogging and maximize visibility.

    A: Custom ski goggles can be tailored to different weather conditions by selecting the appropriate lens color and tint, ensuring optimal visibility and protection on the slopes.

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